what we believe and value guides what we do (& Don't Do!)


We believe that...

  • God is (God exists)
  • We can know God
  • The Bible is our best guide to understanding & knowing God
  • Life works better with Divine guidance
  • People get along better when God's love is alive in them
  • Jesus is the way to knowing God & finding eternal life

For a more detailed description of our foundational beliefs and church affiliation, go to: https://fecministries.org

We value...

  • Knowing the God who created our universe and everything in it
  • Helping people discover how God can use them to  serve others
  • Moving people toward personal, relational and spiritual growth
  • Introducing  people to Jesus so they may follow him

We desire to be a church made up of people who are passionate about knowing God well,  following Jesus through life, and serving others out of love and compassion.

We are a church of Christians from diverse backgrounds who've come together to worship and serve God .  We've laid aside differences from our denominational traditions to be united through the love and leadership  of Jesus Christ. We want God to make us more like Jesus as we worship and serve together.